Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mining Updates

Two recent discoveries:

1) The more western of the "inaccessible" nodes (maked "D" on the map) is in fact accessible by sapping the nearest guard. I'm wondering if Blizz moved the guards or the node, or if I was just too chicken before. Either way, I was just on a mining run and decided to give it a try, and did not pull aggro. Update to the update: Ok, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. I can't tell why it changes, and I can't tell until I try. My advice: try to get this one, and pop a vanish if you get spotted. Remember to sprint away first until they fix the Vanish bug.

Final update: Ok, I figured it out. (Duh.) If the 2nd guy from the left, i.e. the next-closest one to the vein who will be the guy to aggro since the closest one will be sapped, is Level 53; he will aggro. 52 or 51 and you should be ok.

2) The green nodes in the detention block have been spawning with drastically reduced frequency in the last few days. They've gone from around 40% (estimate) to more like 10%. I'm nearly positive that Blizz changed this in the last week or so. Red, Blue, and Yellow nodes appear unaffected; I'm still getting one from each group on every run.

3) I did some more exploring around the south end of the detention block (mostly because the green nodes spawn so rarely now) and found another one that was possible. Lots of dogs, though, and it was a tight squeeze.


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